Hi! I’m Angela Muzic, the owner of Barre Rhythm.

I’ve loved to dance ever since I was 6 years old. This wasn’t only because dance is a great way to exercise and enhances balance and coordination.

You know what the real reason was that I’ve danced for nearly my entire life? It’s fun! When I’m on my feet and feeling the music move through my head, heart, and body, there’s nothing else like it in the world.

In 2003, I found a way to take my love of dance and fitness and transform it into a career as a personal fitness trainer. I designed Barre Rhythm to incorporate core exercises and techniques from yoga, pilates, ballet, and barre workouts. I’ve worked with professional athletes, individuals trying to get out of sedentary lifestyles, and everyone else in between. The only person I haven’t worked with yet is you — and it’s time to change that!

When you take part in our group fitness classes, the only constant is that it’s always changing. I’m also a DJ and I mix my own music for our sessions. This keeps energy levels up and creates a personalized, fun workout. And if the weather cooperates? We take classes outside, enjoy the soft grass below us, and have a great workout class under a gorgeous blue sky. All of this adds up to a personalized barre fitness class each time you come.

The classes themselves are designed to be safe and energetic while taking into account the physical and health concerns of the participants. Together, we create a fitness environment that’s supportive, non-judgmental, and always welcoming.

Ready to change your life? Ready to have fun while doing it? For more information or to sign up for your first fitness class with us, contact us online or by phone today!