Poke your head into any gym and you’ll notice one obvious similarity: whether someone is marching away on the treadmill, doing battle with the elliptical, or causing havoc with weights, more often than not they aren’t smiling. There’s a grim determination on their faces. There’s an expression saying, “I hate what I’m doing but I’m going to get through it!”

If you’re looking to make life changes and replace bad habits with healthy ones, we’ve found a fun and highly effective solution. At Barre Rhythm, we understand that lifestyle changes can seem intimidating, but we also know the first rule of making a habit stick is to make it fun! That’s why all of our group fitness classes have music as a central component. You’ll work with Angela Muzic, a certified trainer, and DJ who mixes her own music. She’ll get you on your feet, get you moving, and make you happy you’re doing so. Whether or not you’ve done pilates classes, barre workouts, or yoga classes before, you’ll fit right in and feel great.

Since 2003, Angela has worked with hundreds of clients from all walks of life. From professional athletes to regular folks just looking to drop a few pounds and gain more energy, Angela has helped inspire them and get results. To shake things up, she created specialized workouts that take place outdoors. Just imagine the feeling of sun on your skin and a blue sky overhead while you get the fun workout of your dreams.

Fitness workouts at Barre Rhythm are designed to be energetic, safe, and, most of all, fun. Ready to change your life and have a great time doing it? Contact us online or by phone today!