In Eagle Valley, we love to be outdoors and experience everything the glorious Rocky Mountains have to offer. Whether you live here year-round, have a summer cabin for your family and grandkids, or you spend a weekend getaway up here whenever you get the chance, we’re sure you love it.

In our last blog post, we covered how barre fitness could help you get outdoors and enjoy the mountains even more. We covered hiking, biking, and running in that blog, and we promised another blog post covering three other sports barre workouts can help you improve. Today, we’ll cover how Barre Rhythm classes are a fun, effective way to improve your golf, mountaineering, and climbing skills. Let’s get started!

4. Golf

Barre Rhythm classes will help your golf game in multiple ways, but we think one of the most important ways is by improving your focus. When you attend a Barre Rhythm class with Angela Muzic, you get a fun workout that incorporates techniques you’ve learned in yoga classes, Pilates workouts, and ballet barre classes. All of these work together to increase your ability to focus, which is vital during golf.

5. Mountaineering

Have you ever been off mountaineering when you find yourself reaching for that one handhold or stretching your leg as far as you can down to the next ledge? What about those moments when the incline is intense and you feel like you’re practically doing the splits while hiking? These situations happen often, and you may just find yourself wishing you had done one more yoga class to try and increase your flexibility for those moments.

With Barre Rhythm, flexibility is one of the main focuses. Each barre workout we do together in Eagle County will focus on your strength, of course, but all of the exercises and stretching before, during, and after the group workout class will also greatly enhance your flexibility so you can stretch just a bit farther and reach new heights.



6. Climbing

One of the best parts of climbing? It’s a full-body workout. Many people will look at you getting your ropes ready for climbing in Eagle, but they may not realize how much of your body is working for you to get up that slab of rock. Whether it’s a 5.8 or a 5.13C you’re sending, you’ll utilize your arms, core, legs, fingers, and feet. You’ll also be balancing the whole time, which will force your whole body into a more stressful situation that will use your muscles.

What part of that doesn’t sound like it would benefit from yoga and pilates classes or from a barre fitness class? Barre Rhythm in Eagle combines techniques from each of those group fitness classes so that you can get a full-body workout during one, convenient session. The workouts are fun and engaging, and they’ll improve your arm and core strength and your balance — all of which you need next time you’re on belay.

Ready to take your favorite outdoor activities to a new height? Get in shape with Barre Rhythm classes in Eagle — the mountains are calling and you must go.