1. Our Favorite Protein-Packed Meals For Any Time Of Day

    Protein isn’t the most important aspect of your nutrition, but it is vital for good health — especially if you’re wanting to tone your muscles. If you’ve gone to fitness class after fitness class and you’re ready to see some real difference in your body, start by evaluating your diet. We…Read More

  2. How Barre Fitness Will Help You Get Outdoors, Pt. 2

    In Eagle Valley, we love to be outdoors and experience everything the glorious Rocky Mountains have to offer. Whether you live here year-round, have a summer cabin for your family and grandkids, or you spend a weekend getaway up here whenever you get the chance, we’re sure you love it. In our last…Read More

  3. Habits Healthy People Have (And You Can, Too)

    It can be hard to not be envious of that one coworker who has the body of a personal trainer, but before you go cursing her genetics, analyze what habits she may have that contribute to her health. Instead of comparing yourself and bringing that negativity into your life, focus on how you could impl…Read More

  4. How Barre Fitness Will Help You Get Outdoors, Pt. 1

    Here in Eagle County, we love our mountains and being outdoors. If you live in or frequently visit this area, then the chances are high that you’re equally enthralled with the majestic mountains at our doorstep. When you’re interested in hiking, biking, climbing, and more, though, you want to be…Read More

  5. 5 Benefits Of Group Workouts

    If you’re looking to get more out of your workouts or are having a hard time motivating yourself to work out, a group workout class may just be the solution for you. With group fitness classes, you’ll enjoy many benefits while getting in shape. For a fitness class in Eagle, you can try Barre Rhy…Read More

  6. Founders Membership

    Founders Membership

    Sign Up Now & Get May For Free Barre Rhythm will be doing a Soft Opening on May 14th with four classes offered daily Monday - Friday and a class on Saturday.  Take advantage of this introductory offer to get two weeks worth of classes in May for Free!$99 Per Month For The First Three Months Inc…Read More