We’re glad you’re here! At Barre Rhythm we work hard to provide you with motivating, effective workouts and excellent resources for your health and fitness journey. In this barre fitness section, you’ll find all those resources so you know how to eat well, how to work out when pregnant, how Barre Rhythm benefits you, and much more. Instead of focusing on a yoga class, barre workout, ballet exercises, or Pilates class, why not combine all of those techniques into one convenient, fun workout? That’s exactly what Barre Rhythm in Eagle, Colorado, is. Check out our barre fitness class schedule and register today! We can’t wait to meet you.

  1. How Barre Fitness Will Help You Get Outdoors, Pt. 2

    In Eagle Valley, we love to be outdoors and experience everything the glorious Rocky Mountains have to offer. Whether you live here year-round, have a summer cabin for your family and grandkids, or you spend a weekend getaway up here whenever you get the chance, we’re sure you love it. In our last…Read More

  2. How Barre Fitness Will Help You Get Outdoors, Pt. 1

    Here in Eagle County, we love our mountains and being outdoors. If you live in or frequently visit this area, then the chances are high that you’re equally enthralled with the majestic mountains at our doorstep. When you’re interested in hiking, biking, climbing, and more, though, you want to be…Read More